What students have to say about our school.

“The people at Vermont Taekwondo Academy are kind and respectful.  Dan Linde is a fantastic instuctor who wants his students to improve and succeed.  He has helped me to become a bettter martial artist over the years, and he has taught me a lot.  I always look forward to going to class and learning something new."​



“The Vermont Taekwondo Academy is a great place to learn taekwondo.  I like the Vermont Taekwondo Academy because the classes are serious most of the time, yet not too intense.  Everybody is welcoming without judgement.  You get a real sense of accomplishment when you move up in the belt ranks.  Once you start learning, you become more confident in your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. This creates a calm feeling.  Master Linde is a funny guy and a great instuctor.”​


My daughter started Taekwondo when she was five years old at Vermont Taekwondo Academy.  After watching her participate in Taekwondo class for a couple of years, I decided I should join her in the experience.  My husband also joined, and ten years later we have shared many amazing family memories together.  Thanks Vermont Taekwondo Academy for making us feel a part of something special!


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