Master Dan Linde, 6th Dan, is the school owner and has been training in martial arts since 1987. He also holds a black belt in Aiki-Jitsu. Master Linde is an accomplished and highly respected martial artist throughout Vermont, conducts seminars, and sits on testing boards at other Taekwondo schools. He is a substitute teacher at a local high school and is also the coach for the girls' lacrosse team. During the summer he is a gymnastics coach at a local gymnastics camp. He also enjoys hiking and kayaking.

Master Ginny Iverson, 5th Dan, began her martial arts career in 1990 and is a substitute instructor at the school. Her Masters Degree in Education and many years of experience teaching children and adults enable her to bring valuable educational and management skills to the programs. Master Iverson is Executive Director of AFTER the Track, a non profit, which is a specialized re-training and placement facility designed to secure the best possible futures for select Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. She also enjoys hiking, sailing and biking.

Master Michelle Wehrle, 4th degree, started martial arts through the South Burlington Parks and Rec program in conjunction with the Vermont Taekwon-Do Academy at the age of 5.  Michelle has competed in Taekwon-Do at both the local and national level.  Michelle enjoys teaching the youth programs at the Vermont Taekwon-Do Academy.  Michelle is a senior at South Burlington High School.  Michelle also enjoys playing the flute, sailing, and spending time with her friends.

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